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yupper doooodly dooo

alright well i am officially addicted to two diet pills plus water weight goners haha and it sucks but i feel gooder anyways i have a few tips for all u goes

1)if u are home alone alot or not this could work for you- if you want ur parents thinking that ur eating even tho ur on a diet do this--get leftovers (so its not a big waste) and put it in a bowl/plate (wutever) and then go to the bathroom and flush it then quickly go to ur room and then come out in like 15 mins and its empty "cuz you ate it" then they think u did -- this works well if u are "studying alot" and dont have time to "eat" with the family haha or if ur home alone just dump some down the toilet and if they ask say,"yeah i had some [insert wutever food here] earlier." they check and ur scott free.

2)if you share a computer or have nosy parents--there is a program which clears EVERYTHING (like history and stuff) and its called "Cleanup!" u can google search that and its free -not only price wise but spyware and viruses so no worries- and just a two second install and its not complicated AT ALL and then u dont have to worry about them stumbling upon anything.

3)for hunger growls or no energy on fasts- if u get grumbles and wut not and feel VERY hungry then take a cap full of vinegar-yeah its really nasty and wut not but it works INSTANTLY!!!!- and i suggest taking Mega-T green tea pills (LOL) while on fasts for energy and it keeps ur metabolism wicked.

***These are personal likes and wutever so dont diss me on this,k? k thanks!***

GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!! think thin!
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